Beat up?

If you have found yourself “beat up” by the world. Know you are not alone! That the Lord is near to the broken and bruised who are His. If you have found yourself beat up by “the Church” well that is even a harder pill to swallow and difficult to reconcile at times. But you are not alone. Many who believed in God and who were waiting for the kingdom of God in Jesus days rejected Him and His message.

The one truth which many Christians forget is that we all still have “free will” and we will get some things right and other times we’ll be opposing even the God we love. Why? Because we are not perfect yet, not till He comes again. And because we all had family, friends, teachers, and a society we were raised in which have influenced us whether we realize it or not. And our interpretation of scripture is only as good as what biases we have “intentionally allowed” the Holy Spirit to call us out on. So, even as believers we will be wrong many times and about many things…Unless and until we humble our own ideas, biases, and worldviews to the Holy Spirit supreme. And even then we must be willing to admit that sometimes we’ll still get it wrong.

So, today find comfort in the Word of God and the Spirit and know Jesus own followers struggled with understanding things. Peter had to be publicly rebuked by Paul for his lack of faith and giving into bias against gentiles.

Therefore, stay humble. Stay willing. And stay near Jesus!

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