The Word of God Proves True…A Testimony

It was almost a year ago now when a good friend and Christian brother came up to me while I was serving with him in ministering/volunteering with the homeless at a shelter, which I had been doing the same thing there for three years. Anyway, he came up to me and said, “I think you’re going to be put in prison” and I was like WHAT!!! He said, because of my outspoken faith views that I might be put in prison (he sensed), but he said it would be like the Apostle Paul who was put in prison but yet God caused that to spread His Word and Paul was used mightily for God there. It didn’t matter to me, I still did not like what he said and it scared me!

Anyway, yes, I was forced out of that ministry due to my faith. I was beside myself. I was broken and so upset that a Christian organization would “throw out” someone for preaching the gospel and preaching the “whole counsel of God” as a natural part of that gospel. I felt so alone and sad. I had built many relationships of care and spiritual support over a three year period and suddenly I was not allowed on the property! YEAH. I stood out in the rain one night, off the property just so that I might let one of my friends know I had not abandoned them! So, there’s the back story. As I was praying with this brother/friend of mine on a different day, who is mentioned above. He told me not to fear, that God would guide each day and what I was supposed to do now….

One day when I went to this friends house, he had come in from a prayer walk and told me God said to tell me that “I would never work for money again”. He asked God why He didn’t just tell me Himself and the reason was I NEEDED to hear it come out of the mouth of another person. I already knew for a couple years that I was not to have a “job” in this world, or at least “for this world”. But God knew I needed the absolute “confirmation” of that conviction.

A little more back story, a couple months before I was “fired” from volunteering, my Pastor and some elder/board members anointed my head with oil and were praying for an hour and a half over me. One of them said as he prayed for me that, “his words will go throughout the heavens and the earth”. Well, when he said that, something big and warm and explosive welled up within my spirit and it never left! That was March 5, 2020! About March 12th an enormous zeal came over me to “voice” or declare exactly “WHAT” 2020 was from God’s point of view. I couldn’t shut it up. It came over me with power and authority to speak “God’s heart for His children”. I had asked God to “send me” that I would “go” and I would “speak whatever He put in my mouth” for years before, (Which I had found true in Jeremiah 1:9 and Isaiah Chapter 6) Even beginning at seventeen years old during my prayers. I knew God’s call on life years ago and I had tasted morsels of this “voice” to declare God’s heart for the Church at various points in the past, and, when God would burden my heart with a message in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, I was faithful to speak what I was told, even to Pastors back then.

This time though, it was “official”. Or the “call” to this kind of ministry. I praised the Lord and cried tears of joy and rejoicing the day my brother said I would never work for money again, and the day I realized all those prayers for years and years that I just wanted to be a “voice” for the Lord. That I had no other desire or need but to simply be a “Clay Pot filled with the Spirit of the Lord and used as a vessel for my God!!!” I wanted NONE OF ME. I wanted and needed (those who know my story of psychological suffering) for God to control this person every step of the way.

So, it began, the messages came everyday to post on every forum I knew where I could send reminders to the children of God of “who they were, why they’re here, what God is doing, and the hour at hand”. It was a “WAKE UP” call, and it STILL IS! As it expanded farther and farther my wife one day said “you need to start a blog” and then the lightbulb went on! That blog became a ministry which is now this which is also connected to Facebook and Instagram and now also a podcast! I am truly blessed beyond measure because God is faithful to His Word!

So yes, I was put in prison for being faithful to preach the whole counsel of God even though man, even Christians were opposed to it. Though I am neither Joseph or Daniel! However, like both of them, I was put in the “prison”, I did not understand why God would ‘lock me up” from the ministry which I had done multiple days a week, every week, for three years. And I knew I was preaching His Word of Truth with grace and compassion and was affecting many by His Holy Spirit.

But….Over time I began to see, that IF I had not been forced to leave that ministry I would never have had the focus, energy, or time to declare the heart of God for His children throughout the heavens and the earth through this ministry! (IMPORTANT side note: I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! Just had to say that. Many, many, are called by God to be a “voice” to be a prophets throughout history. And I must say, the hour is late, and many are speaking!) All I asked years ago was to be fully His, at His full disposal, for Him to have absolute authority over absolutely everything in my day and to use me as a “voice”. I have never had any desire to work with my hands, or to build things, or fix things nor do I even know how! As the body has many parts, I knew mine was not in doing things in the physical realm for others, but the spiritual. (SIDE NOTE: NOT that it doesn’t need to be done, or isn’t serving God and others, etc). Just that when I would hear about “manly” projects to serve people, I felt absolutely at a loss and inadequate. So, I knew my ministry was one of prophecy and the Word of God. It was to be a “speaking ministry”. And boy am I thankful!

So, I was forced out of one place because God called me elsewhere. I was rejected by some people in order to minister to others. I was misunderstood by one group but fully embraced by another. I was put in “prison” but the Word of God went forth. (Do you see a resemblance to stories in the Bible here?)Do you remember the little devotional at the top of this blog post? That’s exactly how God works. It may be mysterious and we may ask questions but He is faithful to honor those who are fully surrendered to His glory. Many Christians are confused about and even fearful to say something like “God has honored me for my faithfulness..”. But they say this because they believe, wrongly. The Psalms are FILLED with these statements! And when we know God is smiling on us and saying “well done” it is the greatest joy on earth!

Lastly, and incredibly important to hear. If we are willing to go “all in” on God. In other words, take Him at His Word, at face value. If we are willing to trust that He will be faithful if we are simply willing. Notice the emphasis on WILLING, to believe His voice. His Word. And if we will simply step out of the “boat” and are willing to walk on the water WITH Jesus, because He will always hold us up. THEN, THEN, we will truly EXPERIENCE the Christian life, every single day. Every day may not be “good and happy” but everyday will be completely under the headship and authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and God will cause all things to work together for GOOD! I pray to be a faithful voice in my generation till the very last day. And you. What has he burdened your heart to do for His Kingdom? Are you listening to His call? Trust Him today. He will honor you….Amen

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