Christian Organizations, Money, and Compromise…

I am convinced all Christian organizations which at one time were able to rely on financial support from their local community, that being the city they lived in, are now in danger of compromise and of “stumbling” IF they are still relying on support from their city/community, or in other words, the WORLD, in order to continue to offer services. This was brought to light for me by the Lord while I was praying today. There is one specific organization in my town which I now see is in danger of compromise due to it’s reliance upon society for support instead of complete reliance upon Christians and churches for support (by God through Christian’s that is). I actually was a personal witness and was deeply impacted by watching this compromise take place, and finally was removed for bringing it to light. Anyway, as soon as a Christian, whether an individual or a Christian organization, is “dependent” upon financial support from the world instead of from God, they are in danger of compromise!

At one time society backed homeless shelters and other Christian organizations which did good things for people in the community. Now however due to the great shift away from true Christian beliefs and towards just a “social justice movement” which dismisses the God of the Bible and the heart of the gospel, in most communities, and especially those like mine which are extremely liberal in their ideas and goals, there is great pressure to adjust policies and the language in those policies, and maybe not even change the policies themselves but to change the attitude and thinking regarding them in order to reflect the current worldview of culture instead of the worldview of the Bible….and then it’s all downhill from there!

It is true that I could just notice these things and say nothing. But I want to ask, did Jesus say nothing when He saw hypocrisy in Israel, when He noticed that there was “yeast in the dough” ? Did Paul say anything to the Churches, or John in Revelation, regarding the danger of lukewarmness and compromise?

So, here I am. God called me to the ministry of bringing light where there is darkness and truth where there is error within the Church. And prayerfully, someone reads this who happens to have an influence at the organization which I am specifically referring to and is willing to step up….because they are in danger of “stumbling”.

The solution. First, to come out from the world. Second, to return to the pure Word of God and acting in faith to trust God to supply the needs without compromising. It may require the Church to step up more where the World has been filling in. For if we acknowledge the Lord as the Lord of our ministries, truly as LORD and fully honor His Name as above every name, then it rests on His shoulders and His integrity to supply the needs. And He will always honor His name. He is willing and able to supply!!!

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