When I am WRONG…


Today I am writing to admit when I am wrong. I am wrong when I argue with my wife or children. It is usually me being “annoying”. I struggle with that:) Or it is me “presuming” something about their motives or me just being “CRITICAL”. I have a problem with that!

But it is what I do as soon as I realize I am wrong that matters here. Honestly, I can not tolerate the guilt/shame of realizing I was wrong because I so desire to be right with God. I waste no time. If it means I call them, or text, immediately, to make it right, that is what I do. Again, the sorrow I feel when I sense I have grieved the Holy Spirit in ANY way, I cannot tolerate it for a second.

I know Christians who have “secretly” realized they were wrong regarding something between me and them, but they did not acknowledge it to me. They did go to the Lord, but they have not come to me. They just moved on. This is pride. Pride is the exact opposite of humility, obviously. And when a child of God refuses to “make it right” or to “humble themselves” and admit they were wrong, it has an effect, even though they do not recognize it at that moment. They will go about their days with a little less “sensitivity to the Holy Spirit” until they make it right.

Anyway, HUMILITY, is SUCH A GIFT FROM GOD! I honestly believe humility is the secret to intimacy with God. Right now there is a plague of pride throughout the American Church. Let me define what I mean, PRIDE: Self-sufficiency, Self-esteem, Self-love, Self-promotion, Self-realization, Self-dependence, Self-care, Self-ishness, arrogance, human wisdom, etc. Now, take every “Self” and replace it with “Christ”. Humility is “transferring” everything, to the all wise, all sufficient, highly exalted, all loving, all powerful, and all knowing ONE. BUT, the only way to get there is through humility and faith.

And HUMILITY: Realizing “my part” is to simply trust what God has said to me and what He has called me to speak whether they read, or listen, or not. That’s it. I do not need to “worry” how many people like me or read my post’s. I’m completely aware that the “Kingdom of God” and this ministry, nor anyone else’s rests on my shoulders, thankfully. We all have gifts and calls from God. Our job is to realize them and to obey.

Anyway, lastly I want to say it is not called PRIDE when you know who you are, what you are called to, when you know you are right, when you know that what you write is from God to His Church. It may very well “sound” like pride, but it is not. Confidence, faith, trust in God and His voice and the assurance that comes from the Spirit of Truth is a gift that can only come from….HUMILITY!

Therefore, with confidence I can tell you that the things I post on here are not my own ideas. Does that mean you will read them or believe them? No. After all, who is Mark Forslof anyway? A “voice”

BTW, I have no idea why I wrote this today. Anyway, blessings

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