How to Receive a Light Burden…(Written by a friend)

This is a post from a friend of mine (Mark Flickner). I must share it because he’s done an excellent job explaining it!

“So many people read the words where Jesus says his burden is light but they don’t understand how to apply this to their walk for it to be reality. We hear what God says but then we continue to look to ourselves for answers. We hear God say that he’s the comforter but we still turn to ourselves and things around us for comfort. We hear God say that he is the provider and then we don’t trust him for provision. We see God’s word say that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves and then we live our lives with the philosophy that God helps those who helps themselves. Doubt doesn’t come from a lack of understanding of God’s word, it comes from a lack of understanding of how to submit to God’s word in our lives. Until we surrender to God in every way, we will continue to struggle. Our struggle is not with the things around us, our struggle is with ourselves. We refuse to submit, we refuse to allow God to truly be our master. This is idolatry and it’s at the heart of every form of addiction and struggle. We must die daily to our Idolatry and continuously turn our eyes to the cross. The Christian life is not easy in that it requires us to defy our fallen corrupt nature, but when we do defy our nature, the burden that Christ puts on us is truly light. He has paid the price and paved the way for us to have this relationship with our Heavenly Father but we have to accept and submit. The submit part is our battle.”

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