It is the Mercy of God…

When the warnings are not heeded and the stubbornness continues consequences follow. Though the LORD destroy, and though a nation fall, it is the glory of God to mend, to heal, to restore the broken hearted. His mercy is present. Though His judgements are in the earth. And though a nation only learns through judgement, it is not in vain. His love is steadfast, but to not be received in vain. His grace is available, but shall not be received in vain. In vain we build and plant. The LORD uproots and tears down. Who is a God like the LORD, mighty in power, doing wonders. His Word will go forth, it will accomplish its mission. We are torn down, but not in vain, we are being broken, but not in vain. The LORD heals. He will restore. Though a remnant remain, He will restore. Seek the LORD while He may be found. CALL UPON HIS NAME today. Turn away from evil, look for the truth. Wash your heart in His Word. Seek honesty, seek authenticity, and seek truth. Though the LORD destroy, He will heal. BUT, what time is it? What day is it? It is the mercy of God through discipline which brings repentance. If the LORD loves us, He warns, He disciplines, and He mends and builds up. He is the potter…we are the clay. Amen

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