The Epidemic of a “SELF-OBSESSED” Society and Church…

The LORD will tear us down, as a testimony to His Name and His Word

I will begin here just because it is at the forefront of my mind, then we will move on. First observation: how often do we examine our bodies, examine our image? How often do we check our weight on the scale or our image in the mirror? How much of our conversation and time is consumed with worrying about “eating right”? How often do we post pictures of ourselves or our beautiful families on social media? Do you know the amount of magazine articles, websites, posts, commercials, and shows which are dedicated to “self-obsession”? Me either, but it is EVER-INCREASING. This “outward image” focus is of the enemy and started from the world, then moved into the church.

Next, and yet before the issue above. We Christian’s speak out of two sides of our mouth. We say, “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and God owns everything, and God provides for us, etc.” And yet, in our voting we are concerned with our careers, our houses, our rights, and our property which we have “worked so hard to obtain, (NO I am not a Democrat!). But it seems we focus an awful lot on the “material” above the “spiritual”, just an observation here. And yet, Jesus said the world rightfully should be concerned about these things. But that the child of God should not be. Yes, I know that in this nation we can vote for the “right” person. I just notice our focus and words express that “We own the cattle which we bought with our hard-earned money, and we own our houses and property, and are responsible to protect them. That is simply untrue in God’s economy and Kingdom. So, this self-sufficiency mindset began in the World, then moved into the Church.

Next, we hoarded our wealth and built bigger houses, bought newer and better and more vehicles, along with boats, motor homes, more and bigger, and bigger buildings and more expensive and extravagant stuff. We built Cruise ships and larger companies with skyscrapers and increased our wealth and image in America-the Great and most powerful, boasting in our “image” to the rest of the world…instead of sharing with our own poor, homeless, disabled, along with distributing our wealth to other nations “In Jesus Name”. I am very aware I sound like a “Socialist”. But what I am saying is the WORLD is to be selfish and self-absorbed, the children of God and the Body-of-Christ is to live everyday with an “eternal-perspective” meaning God provides and we are under His care and our hope is not in this world. Again, this began in the World then over time moved into the Church. So, if God is to be true to His nature…


We, America the great, must fall. It must be uprooted and torn down. Because this nation was grounded on Biblical truth, has continual access to Biblical truth, has churches, Christian schools, Seminaries, Christian Colleges, free access to Bibles in every version and a plethora of Biblical helps online. And because we are responsible in every generation to reflect Christ to the next. But we, the Christian community in America, for the most part, over the past fifty years, has become increasingly self-absorbed and reflective of the World. Instead of placing our hope above. We have neglected our intimacy with the Lord and chosen instead to go after idols of the world…Just as Israel did and therefore, FELL!

This is Satan’s work, to get humankind obsessed with exactly the opposite of God’s concern which is completely an internal, heart, and character issue! Satan takes God’s good blessings and twists them. God is concerned with the eternal; Satan is concerned with the temporal. God is concerned with the spiritual; Satan is concerned with the physical. Do you see how we switched the order? Even well-meaning Christian’s. We listened to the World instead of seeking the pleasure of God. We neglected our relationships with our Lord and Savior and became increasingly ensnared by the “lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride in possessions and life.” I myself had to first examine my own heart and confess my selfishness before posting this.

So, this is what I have heard: “FALL, be humbled, America the great” For the sake of the LORD. But His children, who are called by His Name, who are His, first, examine your heart, examine your ways. Confess any pride and “self-obsession.” Repent where repentance is needed, then: Hide in Him, hide in His shelter, let the LORD be your trust, you’ll find sufficiency and safety there, (Psalm 91).

The testimony is clear from the Word of the Lord: He is urging His children to separate now, to come out from the world, meaning, be set-apart, consecrate yourselves, be holy, (2 Cor. 6:17). Allow your Father to father you. This is the “work” of the Holy Spirit, simply “allow” Him to set you apart. Amen

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1 thought on “The Epidemic of a “SELF-OBSESSED” Society and Church…

  1. Greetings Mark. Again well written article.
    We need to repent as individuals and as a nation. I agree with you our nation is too far removed from God to desire repentance at this point.

    The only criticism I have is the use of Psalm 91. That is a particularly tricky psalm. I am wary of it because Satan quotes it to try and deceive Jesus in the wilderness. However I believe Satan becomes deceived by it because he then believes Jesus will live a long life. And thus Satan thinks that by killing Jesus on the cross, Satan will win. But the cross allows Jesus to triumph.

    The trouble with Psalm 91 is people think they will be saved from harm if they trust in God. But many trusting believers have suffered and died and will suffer and die.

    So, just be cautious about Psalm 91.

    Peace and blessings

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