Created after the Image of God…Feeling Like I Don’t “FIT” Here!

Do you ever feel you just don’t “belong here”? Me too. Today I am considering some things. First, I am finding I “fit in” less and less as the days go on. What I mean is I see a divide happening socially, spiritually, and even physically (as in proximity to one another). This began in 2020, yes? What I personally experience is a “disconnect” in point of view, or perspective, or worldview between myself and many others. And I mean Christians. Especially regarding this one subject which I have posted above. One being a small daily reminder from Dr. Tony Evans and the other from A.W. Tozer, these are regarding the distinction between the “children of God and the children of this world” or truly grasping the distinct difference in priorities regarding the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom from above, where Christ is seated. I see a huge chasm between these worlds. Why? Because one is Holy, and one is evil. One is of God; one is of Satan. One is “true”, and one is “false” and deceptive. One is secure; one is shaky.

Anyway, today, and yesterday, I was “feeling” the disconnect and trying to reconcile it in my thinking and during my prayer time. I was asking why I am so passionate and burdened by this but so many other Christians I know are just going about their normal lives, going to work, going places, laughing, joking around, playing, or just “going with the flow.” It’s like I have absolutely nothing in common with them. And the “disconnect” has grown increasingly over the last couple of months. All I know for sure, or that I can place my finger on is that my focus is on things above, I can be positive about that. And I can only “assume” they are, to varying degrees, “distracted” by many things and going here and there. And “possibly” trying to not think about the immanence of the hour at hand and of these “last days” we are in, or not wanting to deal with the consequence of the “coming of the Lord.” All I know is Jesus said, “STAY AWAKE”. And He said, “look up”. He said to “watch and pray”. I just know I am a little lonely, besides having my wife and daughter to walk this out with me, thankfully. But other than them and those who I resonate with online, regarding the immanent return of the Lord, I just don’t quite know how to relate to others. Could some of this be my OCD brain, and the way I am made? Yes, I acknowledge it could be. I have a certain way I live which revolves around prayer and the Word for many hours a day (NO, I am not saying I am “holier” than anyone else). I am saying, it is the way I “MUST” live for my own peace and sanity. So, I do recognize everyone is not like me. Still, there is something seriously wrong with the average Christian, and even the unaverage Christian’s “worldview” when it comes to truly living out an eternal perspective. Living as Children of another King and from another Kingdom. Jesus said to Pilate that “My Kingdom is not from this world”. And I know way too many Christians who are living like this world is their home and living as being, what I like to call, “planted in the earth” instead of being planted in heaven. If I could sum up what I mean, it is as simple as this: We, Christians, are not to act, respond, or react to life and life’s various threats the same way the world does. We are not to use human wisdom and understanding to deal with daily life. Our foundation is the Word of God, not opinion, not feelings, not the government, not society, not culture. Nothing but the Word of God together with the Spirit of God to live it out every single day!

In truth, the reason most Christians are not “living” as Christians, according to the name they have taken, being, “Christian: Christ follower” is because of one: they do not know the truth, the Word of God. Or two: they do not believe the truth, the Word of God. And the Word of God says to “live normal, everyday life, by faith, and not by sight”. The problem though is we in America are not used to “living by faith”, which is how both Jesus and the apostles, and in fact, as most believers lived over the centuries, and this is because we do not need to. We go to the grocery store for our meats and veggies. We don’t have to “trust God” to supply it. We have medications for everything imaginable. We have financial security plans. We have indoor heating and air conditioning (thankfully!) We have restaurants and hotels…well, I could go on and on. You get my point. Therefore, we don’t live in “dependence” on God, or in other words, “by faith”. We live by sight. Therefore, the thing which is hindering our growth in God and hindering our faith to “follow Christ” is… our need to be in control!! So, begin to release the control with small steps of faith, every single day. And you will find the freedom to follow Christ wherever He leads you. Because as you begin to “step out of the boat” placing one foot not in, but on top of the water, your faith will begin to grow, and you will soon be walking on the water!

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1 thought on “Created after the Image of God…Feeling Like I Don’t “FIT” Here!

  1. Excellent insight! For my whole life I have never fit in. It made me The Woman of God I am now. 😊


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