True Joy, Peace, and Freedom is…THIS

I have a promise for you: If you give up, or lay down, anything, and everything, including even your career, if necessary, which is standing in the way of you and God spending “intimate, quiet, and quality time together” listening to one another and sharing with one another, through the Holy Spirit within you and through the Word of God every day… You will be honored by the Lord. You will walk in fellowship, in harmony that is, with Him. You will walk with peace, joy, hope and a very unique perspective on literally everything in your life and in the lives of others and regarding this world, because God will show you what He sees. In other words, you will be wearing His lenses to see through, instead of your natural eyes. You will walk in absolute confidence and security regarding everything. You will not fear the unknown. You will walk through the fire and through the water onto the other side, unharmed. You will grieve what God grieves. You will rejoice with what brings Him joy. You will have His heart. And you will have His attention 24/7. He will hear your prayers and answer you. He will love on you with answering your prayers with “yes” continually, because you will naturally only ask what His heart desires for you and others.

You will “walk with God.” And there is absolutely and positively, nothing, and I mean, nothing, better except heaven itself than to know you are walking in the absolute pleasure and favour of the Creator of the Universe, who is also your Dad!!!


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