Are You Really, Okay? …

Truth: Is defined as, Reality. That which is “real”

2 + 2 = 4.

Also, it is true that Jesus Christ has conquered the power of the Enemy. He has overcome sin, death, and the devil. God’s plan is unfolding just as the scriptures foretold it would. Is that not comforting, and reassuring? What else is a reality? We, as children of God, are “sealed or marked” by the Holy Spirit. Meaning we carry the mark or “seal” of the King in us. Just as the kings of the past had rings which they would use to seal important documents. Also, this Holy Spirit we carry within us is the down payment of the inheritance which we will receive at Christ’s return. We, as God’s “possession” are valuable Vessels in God’s house. We are Holy, as set-apart for significance and for special use to God. Now, the scriptures do say it is up to us whether we will allow ourselves to be precious golden vessels for exclusive use to God, or if we would rather be ordinary, clay vessels, for ordinary use. It is our choice “how much of God we want in our lives.” It is up to us to choose whether we will present our bodies to God as living and holy sacrifices (Rom. 12:1-2). Or if we are satisfied without really being of use to Him. Honestly, as I read what I just wrote, something within me is saying maybe that is not true (or not “reality”).

You see, as I read the scriptures, I notice that “average” and “nominal” are not words used by Jesus or the Apostles in their letters. It appears that there is a constant exhortation to grow, to mature, to go deeper, to be MORE about our Father’s business repeatedly. Not that there is not struggle and a battle between the flesh and the Spirit in our process of sanctification (becoming more like Jesus). But none of the Apostles ever say, “you know, just ask Jesus into your heart and it will all be good from there.” No, it is always, “go onto maturity” and grow in faith, love, and hope. In other words, REACH for God continually. Strive to follow Jesus daily. Intentionally “seek the things which are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of power, of God.” And what does that mean? Purposely move closer to God by looking with the eyes of faith, upward, by the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians. It means to “set your minds” on Godly things, which will automatically affect your emotions and thereby your actions. It means to not fear, or sorrow, because Jesus Christ has overcome this world, and you also have overcome by faith in that “reality.” For He has overcome sin, death, and the devil. It means Christ is in charge, having the “seat of power” in heaven. Remember when after His resurrection He said to His disciples that “all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Him.” Now this is incredibly good news. Why? Because you have no fear of God’s wrath. Because you are on His side, and He is on your side! You are on the same team and fighting for the same causes. He is your support. And He is able to uphold you as you “rest” in His power.

You see, though this world is in turmoil, you need not be. In fact, we are commanded to “not fear” as God’s children, who are in God’s care, and who are submitted under His authority (unless of course you are not submitted to Him) which then right now you should go and make that right before God. But us, who are submitted under God’s authority and therefore walking by His lead are in excellent Hands. There is no safe place except the hands of God right now! But because I am in His hands, it really is all…. okay.

Remember, that was the question in the title of this blog, “Are You Really, Okay?” Yes, I am, because of this truth or “reality”, that God is faithful to complete His work. He is faithful to complete what He has started. And I am His and He is mine. And I am secure in His hands because He cannot lie. Why do I focus on that point? Because if it is impossible for God to lie, since Jesus was “truth manifest” or reality in person, then I can trust every one of His words and promises which He has made in the Bible and to me, by His Spirit. And His Word says, He is coming soon, His reward is with Him, do not fear. And He promises that we “His kids” will not suffer His wrath. And Psalm 91 says, all who “hide” in God are safe!

So, are you okay, really? Have you been allowing your Heavenly Father to “Father you” or are you going at this all alone? Are you “walking with God” daily, setting your mind on Christ’s soon return? Meditating on scripture and talking with God daily? If you are not, then you are not okay. But if you are, then “rest” and keep looking up. For He promised He would come…

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  1. I am ol because it is well with my soul.


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