Health and Wellness for the Christian… What is it?

I have heard it said, “how come the so called “Prophets” did not predict Covid-19?” I am here to tell you I waited for it. And when it came, I gave thanks. No, I am not saying that I saw something called Covid-19 before it came. I am saying I was waiting, and asking God to reveal what was hiding, because I was unable to get the Church to “hear” so that the Church might deal with its foothold. So, beginning in 2015 I had started to call out to the Church personally and through Facebook regarding this “physical health distraction in the Church.” And the day Covid came I heard, “It is not as it appears, move forward” but what did that mean. It means the Church, or Body-of-Christ was to “be the Church” it was meant to be in that hour. And if the Church was being what it was meant to be it would respond appropriately. However, because the Church was not living like Herself in certain areas, being areas of blindness, She did not respond appropriately when the threat was “not a threat.” I know I have angered many just now. That is not my intention. Please stay with me for a minute.

I am specifically talking to the Body-of-Christ, the children of God. To those who are “born from above and are citizens of heaven.” What I am saying here is there was/is still, a foothold of the evil one in our midst. The specific foothold which grabbed ahold, began when we started to place PHYSICAL “health and wellness” above SPIRITUAL “health and wellness.” Now, why did I see this root and foothold which God was trying to draw our attention to, but it took Covid-19 to cause it to surface and be seen? Because years before it was revealed in the Church, I had already dealt with it and seen the vicious destruction of the exchange of the spiritual focus for the temporal/physical focus on the health and wellness of the body. Now I am not saying something “Gnostic” like the body is evil, or bad. What I am saying is that all those magazine articles, social media articles, commercials, advertisements, doctor appointments, shows, Hollywood movies, and the influence of the rich, all had its effect on the Church so that over time, slowly, like a frog boiling in a pot, but not noticing it, so it does not jump out, spread through the Church so that She began to throw off Her eternal hope and perspective in exchange for a worldly, temporal, physical hope and perspective.

I am absolutely convinced that how the Body-of-Christ responded in those first two weeks of Covid back in March 2020 was a deciding factor predicting our future. What I am saying is, if the Church as a whole had of come together to seek the LORD for wisdom, in faith, with repentance of sin, with whole hearts, and not have closed Her doors it would have looked different after those first two weeks. At least for America. I am aware that the news and media sites were our influence. And we all watched and heard what they showed us and what they told us. But tell me, for how long have you gone to the World and to the secular, God hating, news media for your direction? How long have you been watching and listening to them for your information about the World and daily life? I’ll tell you, if you had of turned it all off, from the beginning, and went to prayer, with faith, and the Word of God, you would have responded differently!

Was there a true sickness, yes, of some sort. Was/is it as bad as they say? No. Were we to panic and raid the stores? No. Were we to stop gathering as a Body-of-Christ in prayer, confession, support, and encouragement, reminding each other that our hope was fixed in heaven? No. And that our hope was an eternal/spiritual hope, not a temporal/physical one? No. We were to remind ourselves that according to the Word of TRUTH we are children of the Most High God. That we are beloved in Christ, our hope is fixed in eternity, and we are NOT OF THIS WORLD. And therefore, not being of this world we are not to respond to crisis as the World does.

So, was this a test of our faith? YES. Was this a course correction wakeup call?? YES. Could have we taken this opportunity to be the Salt of the earth and the light of the World through offering this world the same hope we have, not in this life, but fixed in eternity? YES. We could have stood out as a city on a hill. Being the haven and hope pointing at our Savior Jesus Christ who desires none to perish but all to find salvation in Him! But we acted on fear instead of faith. We simply responded according to how we had already been living our normal, everyday lives for years. The way we had been dealing with our normal fears in the past regarding finances, health, and security, simply was exposed or came to surface in 2020. God helped us to see our foothold. Some have gone and put new dirt, or soil over the exposed root. But hopefully you, whoever you are, if you did not respond appropriately in the beginning, will choose today to walk in the truth and light. That you will choose this day to weigh all things by the Word of God, and not by the word of man, or the word of the culture. All I can say is, with all my heart, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA for your wisdom. Go to God. He is wisdom. Seek the Lord of truth. He cannot lie. But the World is not telling us the truth. So do not believe them!


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2 thoughts on “Health and Wellness for the Christian… What is it?

  1. Well said.
    Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.


    1. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate your discernment


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