The Problem of Pride in the Church

What is it about American Christians that is unique? The pride. Something about the “power of the Holy Spirit” that somehow translates into pictures, images, ideas, and ways of talking representing “Goliath more than that of David.” What I mean is I see social media images on Christian sites and posts which represent a “strong, powerful, forceful, battling, dominating woman, dressed in sexual looking armor with long flowing beautiful hair and perfect figure.” Usually, they are full of muscles and carrying an enormous sword and they appear bold and all-powerful riding a lion or something of the sort. You know what is weird? A couple of years ago a very godly Chistian woman called me from South Korea and was expressing her disgust over the “normal” Christian woman who is “proud, boastful, and un-submissive” in America. She was so polite and respectful to me and honored me as a man who was called to lead. She was humble.

I am convinced that when a woman encounters the Jesus of the New Testament, she will respond the way the Bible speaks of a godly woman in the New Testament. She is described as humble, submissive, holy, gentle, pure, godly, quiet, having a servant’s heart, honoring her husband and other men, willing to instruct other women in honoring their husbands, and walking in humility before the Lord. My “godly” wife represents this kind of woman. And I highly honor her as she seeks to glorify God in her life and with our children and in our marriage. But when I am around a “powerful, loud, outspoken, strong” Christian woman I am confused, discouraged, sad, and recognize she has been listening to, reading, or watching things which call women to be proud and loud. I see this as feminism in disguise. I also almost immediately, due to my background in counseling, recognize she has a wound in her past which she is fighting against. From what I notice, it is the loud, proud, strong woman, whether secular or Christian, which is dealing with unresolved issues from their past. Maybe they were abused in one way or another. Or rejected over and over. Or just plain “unheard and unseen” by the world as they were growing up. Now, if the Christian woman is covering her wounds by “over spiritualizing” everything, including her past. And is unwilling to examine her wounds and deal with them. Then many times she will continue in this “dominating, oddly-spiritual, super-spiritual” fashion and be hyper focused on the “gifts of the Spirit” she carries within her, always ready to “wield the sword.”

Why am I not focusing on the pride of Christian men in this post? Because it is much less of a threat in this hour. Many men are already fighting for their God given masculinity, and call to lead, in this country. It is favored both in the Christian and non-Christian community to exalt woman over man. And it is only increasing. This has been a problem for many years now and Satan is having a hay-day. Remember, he is the one who switched the roles in the beginning.

So then, what is the solution? It is obvious and simple. Stop reading and watching books and programs which call women to be “strong and powerful” in their God given right. And go back to the pure Word of God and read what it says regarding a godly woman. Because in truth, they, and us men, have been called to submit to Christ, our Head, and walk in absolute reliance upon the Spirit. We are only strong because we are so weak. It is in our weakness, holiness, godliness, purity, love, and truth that Christ is exalted. And the woman who has unresolved issues which are hiding behind her “strength” I pray she will humbly ask for help and support from those who can come alongside her and help bring healing.

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