Pray For Me

This is what I have heard from the Lord: “My body is nothing more and nothing less than a holy dwelling place for the living God to display the glory of God in my hands and feet and mouth”


Therefore Lord, take everything which is in the way of this.

I said, no more. I said I will trust the Lord. I said I will step out in faith and trust that the Lord who is “ALMIGHTY” can and will take care of me. I said I surrender Lord. I said, “here am I”, I nailed this body to the cross, remember Lord? I said I want NOTHING more than YOU! So, please Lord, help me today, I am struggling inside this tent. I do not like how I feel in this jar of clay, I am distracted! Please, Lord, comfort me!

Take this distraction Lord!

I ate the food, Lord. I stepped out and slowly grew in trust, that it was safe. I believed that all food was safe. That it was okay because You would take care of me. It took SOOOO long Lord! So long to believe I would be okay!!!! And now I eat it. I freely, thankfully, eat it! I am so thankful for delicious foods of all kinds. I eat chips, cake, ice cream, and cookies. I eat it with thanksgiving Lord! Now, now what? I don’t like this body, Lord! I am afraid to be in it. Twelve years Lord, twelve years I feared every day, every day that “what if” I eat it, and something happens to my body. Now, now I’m scared. I HATE the diet industry!!! I HATE you “stumbling blocks” who say “don’t eat this, watch your weight, better run more, too many calories, don’t eat “unhealthy foods.” SHUT UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the weird post. This is what came out today, and I seek to live authentically. If I struggle, I ask for help. I really wanted to write something for the Body-of-Christ, but I am hurting and just need the Lord to take this burden. Thanks for listening and praying. This is called mental illness stemming from OCD and being expressed as an eating/exercise disorder. So, if you think everything is a demon, you are wrong! Mental illness is real. It came through generation after generation of natural-born sin in humanity. Not everyone’s brain functions properly. Now that I have just vomited all over you with years, and years, and years of daily pain and pent-up anger, I’m going to go try and remind myself that the Lord loves me and will truly take this burden away. Maybe even now.

Lastly, why this is such a passion, and why I want the Body-of-Christ to support me in prayer is because this is how Jesus lived:

Father, I belong to You. Father, I’m in Your care. Father, I rely on You for all things.

Father, I will not live by fear or in comparison with this culture.

Father, I will live authentically, living truthfully in all ways.

Father, because I am not “mine, but Yours” I trust You completely for my well-being every moment.

And I would summarize this in this way, and as I have heard it directly from the Father regarding myself and the “now” physical Body-of-Christ on earth:

That “Jesus body and now the Body-of-Christ, is NOTHING more and NOTHING less than a Holy dwelling place for the Living God, to DISPLAY THE GLORY OF GOD in hands, and feet, and mouths”

So let’s encourage one another to live like Jesus by not worrying about our physical health, appearance, image, and bodies since they are not the “Truth”. Because the Truth is Christ IN you…and in me❤️

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