The Truth … Nothing but the Truth … So Help Me God

And this is the TRUTH: God sent His Son into the world so that we might “know” Him. So that we might worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He did not come to condemn the world, but that the world might “know” Him in fellowship, in intimacy, in truth. That we might spend eternity getting acquainted with His goodness in every possible way. And this eternity has already begun the moment we said “yes!” I want Him. The moment Jesus entered you by His Spirit you encountered eternity. For this is eternal life: that they might know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. Therefore, Jesus Christ in you is your Ever-Present help, support, counsel, joy, fulfillment, peace, satisfaction, sanctification, advocate, Rock, power, truth, grace, mercy, and love. Christ IN you is your hope and promise of good things to come in glory. Jesus in you is your eternal life. You who are not of this world, but from above. You who are born of God. You who have overcome sin, death, and the devil through the One who overcame and is in you by faith. You who are marked with the seal of God and who bear the testimony in you, the Spirit of Holiness who raised Christ from the dead and now has raised you from death to life in Him. “Christian” is your name: follower of Christ is your definition. But how is this done? By grace through faith and not in your own strength, praise God! His grace is available and sufficient to uphold you and to carry you to the finish line. Therefore, draw near with full assurance and the confidence being in you from the Holy Spirit who dwells in you today. His power and grace are for you. Stand firm.

Now, do you know why you are still on planet Earth? You are here to testify to the TRUTH. And His Word is Truth. As you draw near you will find why you are here. You will discover, because the Holy Spirit will inform you, that you have a gift and calling from God to live out on this Earth. For the scriptures are clear that you are a temple of God and part of a much greater temple of God, the Body-of-Christ. And you have a gift given you from above to live out today. To be a testimony of truth. This is the testimony: you are not your own, you have been purchased, and now you live for His glory, not your own. This is freeing news. As you rest in His sufficiency He will work good things in and through you for the sake of His name. So, find out what gift He has given you and walk in it daily. What has he called you to do? I tell you the truth, it will not burden you. The gift is a joy to work out because it comes from the power of the Spirit and is fulfilling. So, this is why you are here: to bear witness to the Truth: Jesus Christ is Salvation, King, and Lord. And His name will be lifted up throughout the whole world as a testimony to the TRUTH. This is the truth: There is One God and One Mediator between God and humanity, Jesus Christ the Righteous One. You, child of God are Light and Salt. You expose the darkness, you illuminate the Truth, and you “help” (as a vessel) to open eyes that are blind, and you help preserve righteousness and goodness on Earth. All this is very good news. Be strengthened and encouraged today through being reminded of the Truth and by knowing why you are here and what you are called to do. Lastly, look up, look out, and look around expecting Him. Amen

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