The Year Was 2020…

This is why I post warnings now:

Back in 2015, I began posting “warnings” to the Body-of-Christ because of what I was reading in the scriptures and hearing from the Lord in my prayer time. By the year 2020 I was “expecting” 2020. In fact, I had been waiting for it. I thought it was going to be in 2016 that a major crisis would occur which would “expose” the compromises within the Church. But in 2016 I realized it had to wait. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever experienced something surreal? Meaning you are a few steps ahead, watching from the outside, but unable to communicate to those coming up behind? That’s what 2020 was for me. And I did everything I could to “warn” the Church. To warn pastors and on social media. But what I watched as an “outsider looking in” is the slow, gradual, compromises happening in the Churches and with individual Christians. You see, these compromises didn’t “begin” in 2020. They began years before, in small, repeated decisions, and they “resulted” therefore in a “natural reaction” to the threats of 2020. Therefore, after 2020, then 2021, by 2022 these Churches and leaders and individuals NO LONGER held the same passion and convictions regarding Christ and His Word that they did prior to 2020. Why? Because once you allow the fear, threat, or compromise “in the door” it is very difficult to “shut the door” again. Get it? And if these individuals at “one time” were sensitive to the Spirit’s voice, they now do not hear Him quite as well. They now “lack spiritual discernment” And this is exactly what I had to sit back and watch, and grieve! They “refused” to listen, and that has born consequences.

Thankfully, we have a gracious, merciful, and patient God. A Savior with open arms ready and waiting. Just knocking at the door of the lukewarm Church, and individual, waiting for them to open.

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