The Reason Some of My Messages Appear More “Palatable” Than Others

This morning I was reminded that I was told, “you will never work for money again”


This brought me back to all the tears, years, and prayers I had prayed for so long begging for release from the psychological pain of waking to another day of facing the same thing all over again.

However, I am not writing to spill that out here in this message since I have shared my story already in other posts. But what I do want to share with you is what I now do for a living, since I no longer work for money. I currently work for God and this ministry is part of that calling. So, He released me from working in the world for money and took me and made me a “mouthpiece” or voice for His name. And this blog is a big part of that ministry. But I want to say I notice that some of my posts are more acceptable than others. What I mean by “acceptable” is they are messages that the majority of evangelicals share on blogs, Facebook, TikTok, or in church. And these messages feel warm and fuzzy, which is a good thing since we NEED that! But there are plenty of other messages I share which are just as necessary for our Christian growth as the warm and fuzzy ones. Except that these messages bring what I call “soberness of mind and conviction of heart”. You may ask, “why do “I” need to hear that? Since I love Jesus with all that I am!” I understand your point. And you may not need to hear it at all. Which, if you love Jesus with all that you are then you will resonate with these other messages I share and be like, “right on! I have been waiting for a Christian to address these things which so many are neglecting to address”. Because if you know your Bible well you will recognize that these other messages which challenge our motives and examine our hearts, causing us to “keep alert” and “stay awake” and examine ourselves, are just as necessary, being addressed by people like Jesus, Paul, Jude, Peter, and John in our Bibles.

So, though some of my messages may not apply to you personally, I trust you will resonate with the burden of calling all of God’s sons and daughters in Christ to examine important things like “Do I really understand the Word of God” and “Am I truly living as a child born of God according to the Word of God” and “Does it matter that there are so many conflicting views regarding the Word of God in Christianity” and “Do I really know where I am from, who I am, why I am here, and where I am going” and “How does the Holy Spirit play into all of this” and “What is the Gospel and what is the effect of the Gospel”. So, I attempt to challenge preconceived views and interpretations of these matters and to bring Biblical clarity to them, while at the same time, encouraging and affirming others. Basically, God has called me as a mouthpiece for TRUTH. And yes, I expect it to fall on me and have its way in my own heart and mind before it does on anyone else.

One last thing. Here is another ministry the Lord gave me recently. It is called “Identity in Christ” and we meet on Thursday nights. Here are the basics in case you ever want to come or want to use it as a foundation for your ministry.

Identity in Christ 

“Identity in Christ” is a ministry based on the foundational work which Jesus Christ completed on the cross when He took away our sins through His death, and by the life and hope He has now given us through His resurrection. This group is designed to support, encourage, exhort, comfort, and strengthen those within the Body-of-Christ who recognize they have obstacles or sins which are hindering their relationship with Christ, or with others, and are ready to address these in a confidential support group style. Also, this group is open to all who are seeking freedom from bondage whether they are Christian or not. This group not only addresses the hindrances to our walk with Christ, but we also help point out the areas where Christ has gifted the individual and the positive character qualities. And we help encourage the individual in pursuing their call and gifting which Christ has given them by the Holy Spirit. This all is accomplished by the Word of God, prayer, accountability, and the Holy Spirit. We seek to align the Christian with their true identity as defined by Christ, as a beloved child of God. And we believe that when we are aligned with the reality, or truth, of our identity in Christ, it will affect our attitudes, thoughts, emotions, and actions. All God asks is that we are willing to cooperate with His Holy Spirit, and He will do the work from there. We meet in a large group setting and then we will break into smaller groups to address more personal issues. Men and women will not be in the same small groups. We meet Thursdays from 7-8:30 in the meeting room. We begin in a large group, opening with prayer, a short teaching, devotional, or testimony, and some worship time. Then we break into small groups with men in one room and women in another where there is time for sharing together with supportive prayer and encouragement for each individual. Then we come back together at the end for announcements and a closing prayer. This is a group that expects all individuals to exhibit mutual respect and to be sensitive and respectful when someone is sharing. Lastly, confidentiality is essential so that trust can flourish and so that healing can happen. So, whether your battle is with drugs or alcohol, or sexual in nature, or with relationships, or with mental or physical health issues, or if it is that you are just seeking to find out what God has called you to do in this life, this group is for you. 

That’s all I wanted to say this time. I just want people to be able to tolerate and accept both the warm and fuzzy, and the convicting and correcting messages of Christ from His Word and by His Spirit.

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