The Best Way You Can Support My Mental Health

I wrote this first on Facebook. But I believe I should also post it here.

What I would answer someone who says, “How can I support you in dealing with OCD”

I would tell them that the best way they can support “any” child of God who struggles with their mental health, is first by not “looking at” the mental illness. I would tell them the ONLY way they can help me is by “reflecting” to me that they truly believe the Word of God. The Word of God affirms that the child of God has inside of them the Spirit of the resurrected Christ. That God is “intimately” familiar with their uniqueness and disorder. That His love is the power to walk in the truth. The truth is they are “not” in charge of their lives, or of their mental health, IF they’ve surrendered to Christ as their LORD. Therefore the key is found only in walking one day at a time, living by the supplied power (meaning grace) of Christ, by being constant in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. By meditating NOT on their mental illness nor even on recovery from it. But instead to “practice” living according to their identity in Christ. Seen, heard, known, beloved, chosen, unique, His, a New Creation, a son or daughter of the King, and a servant of Christ. The “servant” part is important here. Because the focus will move away from the “self” and toward asking “Lord, how do you want to use me to reflect Your glory today?” This perspective is key to looking “up” instead of “inward.” I am NOT saying we deny we have a mental health problem. I’m saying that to “look at” the mental health problem does no good. The only answer is found in living by the power of the Holy Spirit “daily” by prayer with thanksgiving! It is looking to love God and love others. THIS IS MY ANSWER. This has helped me more than the many years of both Christian and secular counseling.

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  1. Amen!
    Thank you sharing this.

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