Her Name Was “Faith”…

There once was a woman, a lovely woman. Her name was “Faith”. She was the most beautiful woman ever! Certainly, that is what her Husband said. Yet, to others, she was hideous, ugly and deformed, when they would gaze on her! Yes, true, her outer beauty was quite disgusting. But her Husband never noticed her outsides. All He knew was the radiance of her pure heart, as gold, her spirit, a brilliant light, as fire. Her gentle and quiet, very humble, even submissive character, so lovely to Him. Her lips poured forth oil and wine as she spoke. And anyone who would take the time to get to know her, was forever changed! Oh, how He cherished her!! 

However, one day, influenced by those who would immediately look away and even cross to the other side in order to avoid her when she would walk down the street, she decided she would finally look in a mirror. She never felt the need, nor desire to look upon herself before. But, what harm could it do. Suddenly, frightened by her appearance, she finally knew what they were all looking at. As she ran to the restroom to take her first shower and to wash away all the filth she saw, her Husband ran after her, beginning her to stop!! He assured her that what they saw and even what she saw with her eyes was a lie!! That there was no truth, none, to what she has seen in the mirror!! However, she continued to wash herself unable to hear Him through her own tears and fears. 

Soon His voice became quieter and quieter while she spent day after day recreating her own beauty, until His voice was no longer heard. 

She left Him that final day, a changed woman! Oh, the shame, the disgust, her hideous self, so ugly! Well, not on the outside of course. Her outer beauty was so sensuous, so mysterious and her clothing, barely covering her. The temptation she was to every man who gawked at her! To many she was the most beautiful in the country and most pleasing. But to a few who knew her from the olden days, grieved, so sorrowful at what she had become. And most of all her Husband, still at home, awaiting her return. He spent His days and even nights, in prayer and weeping, grieving the broken state of His bride. 

Why, why, why!!! He would cry. Why would a woman so loved, so cherished, so chosen, even daily, by her Husband who knew no flaw in her. Why did she choose another, and even many, why, for cheap sex, for popularity, for fame or fortune!!  

One day He penned this: 

Did she not know, did she somehow forget, was it not clear enough to her. I gave her Myself. I never withheld anything good from her. I sold all I knew to purchase for her the most glorious mansion. She was never lacking, never went without. She was perfectly secure as long as she was in my arms! And yet still she chose, why, why!!! Why did she look at herself in that mirror. She reflected on herself instead of our love. She took her eyes off of Me, the One who loved her with pure love.  

Why, why, why!!! Why did she look. I told my bride, my beautiful Faith, to never look with her eyes…they would only deceive her! All she had to do was keep her gaze on Me.  

Oh, my beautiful Faith, please come home, you will fear no more. I still love you. I always will.  

Love your Husband, 


Church, Bride of Christ. Simply return to your true name, Faith. It was never about sight. It has always been Faith which stayed near, trusting her Savior  

Your first step, Faith: renounce fear and open your door(s). That the Bride may honor Her Groom properly! Stand firm Faith! 

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