When the Church Meshes…

When a nation and the Church mesh for the same goal you have a problem!

Right now, in America there are two sets of Christians. Those who long for the Kingdom of God and live with an eternal mindset and then there are those who long for peace and security in this world, who long to go back to life as normal and to have everyone just get along and live peaceful, comfortable lives here now. For too long we have been very spoiled in America. God has had mercy on this nation. But why, to what extent? So that we might continue our average, comfortable, complacent Christianity. NO. It was in order that the Church might be salt and light for that sake of the salvation of many due to lives which were submitted and dependent on Him. So that we would love God and love one another. However, few did. Church became a place to play and laugh, instead of a place to repent and pray, confessing our sins, and coming along side one another and worshipping God in truth.  

Remember this: That the Children of God are exactly that, Children born from heaven, with the seed of the living God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. A HOLY Spirit, which simply means “set apart as different, and for exclusive use to God”. Children of God and the Children of the World are as different as water and oil. So now the Lord our God is calling to His Kids to be separate, seek not peace, safety, and security here, but stive for and live for and long for the eternal Kingdom which is from above. It is simply time to pray, to turn from worldliness, from self-dependence, from living for the world, and from depending on yourself instead of the Holy Spirit for your well-being and sufficiency. This requires an intimate, daily, fellowship with God in truth and it requires understanding the scriptures and the heart of God revealed in them. The Lord does not desire peace in this nation, He desires His Children to be set-apart from this nation. Our only purpose here now is to strengthen, exhort, encourage, and pray for one another. To fellowship and worship God, to stand firm in the truth and through this the world who is watching will see a hope in our lives which is not built on a nation but is built on the kingdom of God and they will want it, those who have not hardened their hearts that is. So, seek the things that are above now, not the things of this world. Christ is coming, stand firm!

Let’s Begin Here…

“Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name. I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever…” [Ps. 86:11-12]

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