When the Day Came…

To: Many American Churches…

When March 2020 came you did not see it. You did not see that it was a persecution against righteousness in the land, against godliness. Therefore, you looked with your eyes and heard with your ears and reasoned with your minds. You did not search out the heart of God, you first sought out safety and protection from the world. You did not discern what the Spirit was saying to the churches.

Because: For years and years you have sought out success, to be successful in the world’s eyes, not God’s. You went to Universities which deny God, you send your children to education which denies God, you traded roles in your households and in your churches, opposing the ways of God due to “cultural influence”. You changed the scriptures to your own interpretation instead of the inspired Word of God. You sought out ways to grow, ways to make a difference in the world, but you did not use the ways of God. You designed plans and purposes which God did not design. You used human wisdom in exchange for God’s eternal Word and wisdom. So, when persecution came from the world and threats to shut your doors, threats to not gather in Christ’s Name. Threats to not come together and worship the one True God who can solve all crisis. Threats to stay home and fear, to disconnect, to leave the homeless poor abandoned from coming to church, from their weekly routine where they find refuge and support. You stopped going to meet and share love with them because you were “restricted” by the government from doing…GOOD. ALL BECAUSE you listened to the world. But it didn’t just begin now!

You stopped making your decisions by the Word of God and by prayer alone and moved to make them by mankind and mainstream media, by the popular news sites and news articles. You acted out of fear of man and fear of life and health instead of the FEAR OF THE LORD. This is a result of loving the world and choosing the world instead of stopping, bending, and bowing before the supreme Authority over all nations and people, over all government and authority.

For Christ is on His throne! Our kingdom is not of this world. Our King is not of this world. When the authorities exchange good for evil and truth for error and righteousness for unrighteousness then who do you submit to? To the One who set the boundaries of Authority and who will never call you to submit to what is false and what opposes helping and loving the most vulnerable who need your affection and attention. Who need your voice to speak hope and your ears to listen to them.

Someone must advocate for what Christ has called His Church to! To come out from the world, be Holy, be set apart absolutely. Do not go after vanity and what is worthless. Choose God over man. Choose love over fear. Choose what is right in the Lord’s eyes and fear God alone. Once and individual has come to the end of themselves and layed everything at the foot of the cross, including finances, security, health, life and death, then they will discern the days we are in. This is the last moment. So, STOP, DROP, REPENT, and look up. Christ is your portion; He is your treasure. This world and life are fading away. Do not try and hold onto it. Let it go and leave all behind and commit your way to being about the gospel of Jesus Christ and let Him have your fears and accept the persecution as it comes.

I will fight for what is right in God’s eyes when Christians do not discern the voice of the Lord, but instead stand in His way. But when the world persecutes you, rejoice and stand firm. So, throw off everything hindering you from a life of prayer and the word of God and walking by the Spirit.

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