False Prophet’s vs True Prophet’s. How Do You Know?…

After listening to a podcast today I am encouraged to write a short post on this subject. The podcast was excellent but It was also rare. The Bible clearly tells us that in the last days there will be false prophets and false teachers abounding. Do you remember back in November and later in January how there were those predicting Trumps re-election, and a restored economy, along with revival in the Church, and evil being kicked out? I do. Now, I want to ask you a question. What benefit to the kingdom of God, other than revival, would it be for America to be “healthy and whole” politically and economically? The answer. It WOULD NOT! Plus, how can a nation have revival unless the people in the nation are able to recognize they are missing something and thereby seeking it (and in order for that to happen, they must be humbled and broken, then they can be healed through salvation). Plus how can comfortable, happy, wealthy, Christians come to the end of themselves and hunger after only God and His kingdom? This is the very reason they were all wrong. They were seeking a political leader, a restored America, and for things to be comfortable and unchanged from what was “normal”. Also, maybe they were hoping their churches would grow, or for popularity, or self-interest and concern for their wealth?

ANY PROPHET OR PROPHETESS who does not hold to the very Word of God as their ultimate authority, instead of visions and dreams, does not come from God. Any Prophet or Prophetess who does not recognize God’s commands regarding “man and woman and their God designed roles, marriage, marital roles, family, pastoral roles, etc. and the VERY clear words of God on these issues from Ephesians,1Timothy, 1 Peter, Titus and Jesus, is not a true prophet. Any Prophet/Prophetess who is planted in the world, meaning their focus is the here and now, the future of the world, and “bettering the world and America for our future here” is not of God. Any Prophet/Prophetess who is pursuing “social justice movements” and “political movements” is not of God.

Why Not?

Because the Word of God is extremely clear on all these issues in the last days. It is not a mystery that “Godlessness will abound,” that “some will depart from their Christian faith,” that the “love of many will grow cold,” that “false teachers and false prophets will abound,” that people, in other words, ALL people will grow increasingly into “lovers of themselves, boastful, proud, and arrogant” and will “hate the truth” ….UNLESS, they repent and humbly submit to Christ as Lord, including “Christian’s”. Why do I say Christian’s. Simply because we are in a day and hour where you can no longer discern the difference between the Christian and someone who is not! And this “sign” is a sign of the end times. Plus we have Christians who are ignorant of what a Christian is, what the Word of God says, and what is good and what is evil. Plus we have Christians who deny Christ as their Lord and have only accepted Him as Savior. In other words, we have Christians who actually are not.


What do we have that is “good news” here? The good news is that we are in the last days! That Christ is seated on His throne, in His Kingdom, has not abandoned us, and is returning to take us to Him soon! That we, the Church, are leaving this twisted and evil world soon. That Christ is coming to Judge the world in righteousness and punishing evil and rewarding good. That we will live with Him forever in the Kingdom where Christ is LORD supreme and all who oppose Him are no longer able to profane His name or harm His children. You may ask why I wrote those things and not something else. BECAUSE ITS BIBLICAL. These are what Paul, and James, Peter, and John wrote regarding…here it is…wait for it….OUR BLESSED HOPE. The glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will reward the righteous and punish the wicked. YEP THEY TALKED THAT WAY. When you have been the target of lies, hatred, falsely accused, mistreated, and persecuted by the world, and even by so called Christians, then you are anxious for God to bring justice and righteousness and for His return. You will find yourself looking up, and desiring only one thing…HIM! You may ask, what about preaching the gospel and desiring all to be saved? YES, of course!!! I am simply telling you what the writer’s of our New Testament believed and wrote regarding humanity, the state of the world, the last days, and what they were focused on. THEY WERE FOCUED ON CHRIST AND HIS RETURN, AND IT BROUGHT THEM STRENGTH, COURAGE, and most of all…HOPE! And this message is exactly what they said we were supposed to encourage each other with.

Therefore, forget about a healed, righteous, restored, healthy, wealthy, America! Instead take mine and the Bibles advice and…look up. Forget about competing with this world, or comparing ourselves with our neighbors, planning for the future like it was the past…or planting yourself in this world and life. Instead take the advice of Jesus and the Apostles….SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM AND WHAT HE CALLS RIGHTEOUSNESS. TURN FROM EVIL. DO GOOD. SEEK GOD WITH ALL THAT YOU ARE. REPENT OF BUSINESS AND INSTEAD, SIT AT JESUS FEET AND LEARN FROM HIM AS MARY DID….THEN…THEN, you will understand the will of God, His heart, and gain His perspective on this world and this life. And as your eyes are on Him alone the things of this world will fade away and you will then understand the difference between a false Prophet/Prophetess….and a true one. Seek God’s wisdom, learn His Word, rightly divide the truth. Hate what He hates and love what He loves. Be controlled by the Spirit of the Lord. Amen

The Podcast which motivated this post. You should listen.

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1 thought on “False Prophet’s vs True Prophet’s. How Do You Know?…

  1. That was great! We are in the end times, I believe also. Things are not going to be ideal no matter how hard we push for them to be what and how we want them! The verses that I think of often that remind me of this is how our kids and future generations will treat their parents! I see this happening a lot right now, even in our own family. It is sad! I pray every day for them. Only the Lord knows and He is in control of how situations will turn out.


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