DISCERNMENT will be Key…

Because discernment is lacking, confusion and compromise is happening within the churches. What I mean is, due to the many “opinions” available on how to interpret the Bible due to the compromise within Seminaries and Christian Universities and the belief that we can interpret passages of the Bible in a variety of ways, which is a lie, confusion and compromise abound. Therefore, it is a lack of discernment which is causing the confusion regarding how one, or the many, should respond to government, to social issues, to humanity, to each other, etc.

Therefore, discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit is the way we will stay united in faith. If we are led by logic, by human reason, by science, by anything other than the Spirit of God in these last days, we are in danger of being “confused and conflicted” as to what is “right and wrong” regarding social issues and government and Church, etc.

So, discernment takes faith, and when you put faith and discernment together you get confidence to act in faith, and you’ll have courage to obey God and honor His name above every other name!

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