God “bends” Time and Space…BREAKING NEWS

God breaks in…

What is the Lord speaking to you today? I know it is Monday, (or not, depending when your read this) and I know many have busy schedules and things which “must get done”. You may have places to go and things to do. Most people’s lives center around either their education or their career or both. Or if they have children or ailing parents they are busy taking care of them.


Tomorrow, if Jesus comes back to rapture His Church, or if tomorrow it suddenly becomes illegal to be a Christian in America and to practice your faith, are you ready? Is your “radar” up. Are you sensitive to the “spiritual”? Why it matters is because you have a gift and a call from God which is specifically for you if you are a true child of God. Why I say true, is because the scriptures say to test ourselves and to check ourselves that we are truly “in the faith”, that we carry the Holy Spirit within us. With that, God “breaks in” to our lives. We are continually influenced by the spiritual world right around us. The Bible testifies that “God declares the end from the beginning”. In other words, because God is outside of time He can “unfold”, pay attention to that word, things to us before they happen. For instance, there are patterns of scenarios, and seasons, and times, and numbers, all throughout the Old Testament which point somewhere. They point to God and His “unfolding” plan for history regarding Christ, humanity, and Creation, and good and evil, or in other words what is behind good and evil (God and Satan). So right now there is a process of events “unfolding” before our eyes, but which is only understood through our “spiritual eyes”. The Bible has already laid this out for us. For, “the unfolding of your words gives light [illumination, or understanding]” (Ps. 119:130a). Here is an interesting example, if you want to understand Revelation you must understand Genesis.

So, my point to all this is that there is a powerful spiritual realm around us continually and we have only two choices. We either will stand 100% for truth (Christ) or we will stand 100% for error (Satan). There is no “balancing act” regarding spiritual things. We must be all in or all out. Currently the Lord is emphasizing this. But actually the Spirit of God has and continually does emphasize this, except I believe it just got turned on “hyper drive” right as Covid hit.

With that, study prophecy in the Bible, if you don’t already, it will prepare you and encourage you (rightly understood that is). And as I stated at the beginning, God has given you a gift and a calling, some say more than one gift even? The thing is, since time is short and since things are speedily falling into place, and since those who name the name of Jesus and walk accordingly, are increasingly being persecuted by the World and even by fellow church attenders, therefore it is TIME to listen carefully to your Lord and Master because He has instructions for you in these last days. He has made you to be a light, salt, and witness to His glory. You bear the seal of God on you. You have all that you need inside you by His Spirit to take your stand. And to act in accordance with the gift and calling which He has equipped you with. NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY. For some, this may mean you quit your job tomorrow, or you sell your house, or it may mean you buy a house (for the homeless, who knows) Or you move, or you go…Or you stay right where you’re at. The thing is, we all have the Holy Spirit if we are children of God. The only question is, are you taking time to listen carefully to Him?? If your job, or demands, etc. are such that you cannot fellowship with God, then something must change! The Lord is urging this in His Church. And I promise you, anything you give up in order to glorify God and to “know” your “Abba Father” more, the Lord will honor you! Read Psalm 91 and take it by faith!

Finally, God speaks, does He not? If you hear His voice today…then listen and follow. For those who try to hold onto this life will lose it. But, seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and He will take care of the rest. Blessings brothers and sisters!

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