The Gospel of The…KINGDOM

This is a post I just put on Facebook in order to remind the children of God of why we are different than the world.

Please let me explain myself: The gospel is the good news about a Kingdom. Now, why I write the things I do…There are two worlds. One of God with His Kingdom, and with His children, and one of Satan with his Kingdom, and his children. When the Kingdom of God with its King and the way He has His Kingdom set up with certain standards of behavior and expectations within His Kingdom. Standards for man and woman, with their distinct roles created by God, and marriage with its picture of Christ and the Church and the Head and the Body and the order within the Kingdom which is pictured within the Church with its structure and order (which is important to God) with submission, headship, and structure instead of chaos and everybody doing as they “feel”. And when you see that the result of the Holy Spirit in the life of a godly woman looks different than in the life of a godly man (according to many passages of scripture). Because God created them differently, with distinct roles to play in the Kingdom while on earth. For this Kingdom of God to reflect something of the Kingdom of heaven to the rest of the world. As there is order in heaven, with angelic rulers and authorities under the rule of Christ. Now, when you take that Kingdom, from God, which I just described, which is called the “Gospel” of the Kingdom which Jesus preached as did the Apostles. And you MIX that Kingdom with the kingdom of Satan, you get chaos! You get everyone having “opinions and feelings and ideas” instead of the solid Word of God. You get disagreements and division. So, what happened to cause this “mixing” of the two. Well, Satan does not announce himself. He sneaks in quietly through the back door. He searches for a weak spot in the system. A foothold. A place of compromise. It may very well start small and not be seen, because it is hidden at first. However, ONE sure sign that Satan has breached the door is the Church begins to look increasingly like the kingdom Satan rules on earth. The standards and order begin to fall apart in families and churches. Children begin to rebel, men fail to take on their leadership roles, women begin to take on a man’s role and you have a mixture which begins to reflect the world ever increasingly. Does this sound sexist to you? If it does then you fell prey to Satan’s agenda. This “foothold” opened the door for increased compromise over a prolonged period. So, remember this. There are two kingdoms. You cannot live with one foot in both. Because you will be divided and conflicted. Because light is the opposite of darkness. Truth the opposite of error. And Satan opposite of God. Therefore, let us preach the whole counsel of God and the gospel of the “Kingdom” not some other gospel!

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