I Think We Are About to Fall to Another Nation!…

God’s Strange Ways

Revival does not come out of blessing. Revival comes out of humility and repentance. A nation will not “wake up” until it falls on its face. When everything is taken away. When all pride is brought low. When all power is destroyed. When the strong become weak. When those who oppose God are faced with the consequences and when the people of God are finally ready to “come out of the world” THEN God is glorified. Then God can work. But once hearts have been hardened against the Lord and rebellion has been allowed to play out its course then the only option is to cause the nation to fall and be torn down. As I proclaimed in 2016: The problem is with the foundation. It was what we were building on. The foundation had become corrupt, it was broken and weak. The top may’ve appeared as hope filled. The problem was much deeper. But people were looking at the top, at the political top, not at the root.

PROPHECY: “Speaking God’s will into a particular situation” Near the beginning of 2020 I heard the Lord say to me “it is not as it appears, keep going”. This was regarding a specific sickness which has spread. You know the one. So, I kept going. And God did mighty things as I refused to listen to mankind, and the media, and the world. But soon I was forced to discontinue that ministry. But it was not in vain. The Lord opened this one! Yes, there was, and is a sickness. However, we tend to only look to what is on the surface and not at the root, which is much deeper. There is a spiritual sickness which must be addressed. Let us take our eyes off what is seen and look to that which is unseen. This is where the healing begins.

And regarding “revival”. I believe “some” will come. Not like the revivals of the past. First, it will be His own sons and daughters returning home. And those who are living divided lives with divided loves will submit themselves to the Lord completely, for they must, or they will walk away. Then those of the world who are “willing to be saved” will be saved. But I am convinced we are in the hour of this prophecy: “And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.” (Rev. 22:10-11).

Here is a mystery. The greatest gift of God toward His saved children is that they continue to need Him. What I mean is that it is faith not sight that we tend to live by, or must live by, when we walk in complete dependence upon the goodness of the Lord. When all we have is Him, we end up depending on Him for all. In other words. Scientific advancements and the industrial revolution did not benefit us the way we thought it would. The enlightenment from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries took its toll as we sought out humanism and modernism for our daily solutions and for all our answers instead of, … here it is, the greatest blessing of the children of God…“living by faith”. And therefore, we are in the condition we are in. We stopped living by faith and began living by sight. I want to ask. How many Chrisitan’s know what “faith” is and just how important it is for everything. Not only are we saved by grace through our faith, but we live by faith and walk with God by faith. As an example of what faith really is, look at Hebrews chapter eleven. Read it and examine it. That is the Christian faith. That is saving faith. It is not a onetime decision; it is a way of life. And when a nation or people begin to depend upon their own wisdom and knowledge and begin to believe they are smarter than the Creator of everything you end up brought exceptionally low through your pride. Now we barely live by faith anymore as Christians in America. We barely need faith for anything. We live with all we need right at our fingertips. We’ve got grocery stores, 401k’s, houses, cars, warmth, clothes, swimming pools, mass media devices, all kinds of jobs, all kinds of help, doctors, hospitals, medicines, music, fun and laughter, great foods, on and on. BUT did we forget how to “exercise” faith. All these blessings are comforts but they did not benefit our relationship with God. They have stolen “faith” from us.

Finally, then, what is the good news. What is the Christian’s hope? It is not that which is temporal and physical. It is that which is eternal and spiritual. We have already been transferred to the Kingdom of Light, and we are already seated with Christ in the heavenlies. We are free to hang out in fellowship with the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit within us twenty-four hours a day! We get to live with God continually, even now…by faith. Faith is a reality just like the physical. It is just not seen with the human eye. It is seen with a spiritual eye! We get to approach the throne of God twenty-four-seven. We get to live out Psalm 91 if we choose to walk by faith instead of by sight. We get to walk with hope, joy, peace, and comfort from above. Not that which is temporary. We get our needs met, if we seek first the Kingdom, as Jesus said. We get to rest in Christ’s finished work! And fellowship with the Lord and one another. We get to KNOW GOD!!! and be known by Him. And we get the promise of eternity with Him forever as we wait patiently for His Son from Heaven as we daily, continually, look up! REJOICE

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1 thought on “I Think We Are About to Fall to Another Nation!…

  1. Amen! Excellent post! We do have do live our faith as a way of life, not just a one time decision!


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