Question: What is the motive of our hearts? And are we unified, or is there division in our midst?

What is a “Revival”? Do you think Nineveh had a revival when Jonah came and preached to them? I think it could be called that. But first, Revival is not “magically created”. It is not “coerced”. It is not an “emotional experience” which fades when the lights go down. It is not “summoning” the Holy Spirit to move in an unusual way than He normally moves. It is not based on how long you pray, sing, dance, speak in tongues, fast, or prophecy.

Revival is “God acting like God” when people are hungry, desperate, broken, thirsty, seeking, looking, waiting, watching, expecting, repenting, honest, authentic, confessing sin, and…“WILLING” to receive God’s goodness according to His conditions. If revival is done through the reality of the Holy Spirit working, then it is the “HOLY-Spirit” being Holy and creating HOLINESS. Through the saving work of Jesus Christ, we are called and equipped to live holy. Being “set-apart” as unto the Lord! ANYTHING less than this is an emotional/temporary experience. Because God does not change, and His will is our holiness as children of God. Revival comes out of people desperate for holiness, meaning=”repentance, salvation, the Kingdom of God, purity, Godliness, true love, confession, unity in the Body of Christ, and being a pure, holy, Bride, set-apart to Her Husband”. Without this desperate desire, to be fully, and completely set apart unto the Lord, testifying to His salvation, goodness, graciousness, blessings, healing, freedom, and Kingdom, through holiness then what are we desiring? If we are looking for the temporary, physical, immediate, emotional, intervention of God in us or our society to feel better about our finances, health, self, and so we can feel better about this world and our circumstances then it will just be temporary and emotional. So, the question must be asked, what is the motive of our hearts?

Next, are we unified? Is there bitterness between brothers and sisters? Is there hardness of heart, and unforgiveness between us? Is there unconfessed sin between us? ALL THESE THINGS MUST BE ADRESSED FOR REVIVAL TO HAPPEN. Otherwise, Satan has a foothold somewhere in the presence of the community!

Lastly, are we willing to give up anything, or deal with anything standing in the way of our personal revival and then in our corporate revival? God is moving. But has He stopped? Never. I, along with many, many, many others experience the reality of the Holy Spirit in our midst daily. Every day. But why do we? It is always about the desires of our hearts. It is asking “what do we want and why do we want it“?

So, are we willing to get vulnerable and real regarding our sins, our pride, our self-dependence, our securities, our doubts, our fears, our unforgiveness, our…? ARE WE WILLING TO LAY EVERYTHING AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS…? AND THEN WALK AWAY IN THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION?? Declaring our allegiance to the King as the King of our priorities. And the willingness to live according to the standards of His Kingdom. As children born of God. Turning our backs on the loves of this world and walking with God, allowing His transforming, sanctifying work to have its way in our everyday lives? Living like the son and daughter of the King? NOW…expect revival!

LATE ADDITION: As I was considering all this I was reminded of when my wife said, “you notice how almost all popular worship songs center on us instead of Christ or the Father?” I said yes. This issue is a big one in our times. We seek God for our comfort, and to solve all our problems. Now, I am not saying we should not ask Him for this! I am saying where is our focus? Jesus said, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” (John 12:32). Who are we “lifting up”? When we humble ourselves under Him, He is lifted up. Though it is hard for “some” to acknowledge, they are disobeying God by exalting themselves over His Word, the Bible. This must be addressed. If men and women of God are not willing to acknowledge God’s clear instruction to “women, men, pastors, teachers, etc.” which was given by the Holy Spirit written “outside” of time, because God speaks outside of time in His Word, meaning It fits all cultures and every generation. So, yes this is a sensitive issue. And yet, we say we want revival. If we are not willing to obey God’s clear commands in the New Testament, how can we expect Him to “add” greater blessing?? We are in tough times where roles between man and woman, and Shepherd and sheep have been all tangled up. We stopped fearing the LORD. But of course, it is not too late. So, may we repent of our stubbornness and pride and submit to Christ’s authority and to His Word. Then, may the Kingdom break in! Come Lord Jesus… (and yet, I speak as the Spirit and the Bride speak. Come down and set up Your Kingdom on earth, first taking us up to meet you Lord, as your Word says, Amen!)

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