When I Called, They Did Not “Hear”…

A Prophets Burden

As we read the prophets of the Old Testament, we can see a Lament at times. Especially through the Prophet Jeremiah, and in the book of Lamentation, also by Jeremiah. It is also in Isaiah and other prophetic writers.

Here is my lament: I went to you. I met with you. I reminded you of the truth. But you would not listen. Why? Why, when I went to the broken and homeless were they anxious to hear, to reach for hope, to come, and to gather. And why? Why, when I went to you, you were not anxious to hear, to be reminded of your hope, to meet, and to gather? THIS is what I saw: The rich, comfortable, those with much to lose in this world feared, doubted, shrunk back and were afraid. Because they lived with their needs and wants met in this life. They had secure jobs and careers. They had investments “in this life.” They had put stock in this world. They had houses, cars, and security in the bank “in this life.” And so, they in truth were insecure! However, they were unaware of their great lack, and of their need until…2020 came. Then it came to light.

But the poor, broken, hurting, and homeless were willing to “HEAR.” Those with nothing to lose were anxious to gather, to find hope, and help, and to receive love from the CHURCH! Those who had not placed their hope and worth in this life because they had been rejected by it already. Those who did not have security in a house, car, or in the bank; they wanted to know where they could find true hope!

But when 2020 came, and when we were threatened with losing our health did, we OPEN THE CHURCH? Or did we close it?? Exactly! The elders met to discuss, and to weigh the pros and cons and in truth, to voice hidden fear (but many would not admit their own fears). The mystery is: the way an individual was already living and believing before 2020 came just came to light, being exposed, when things began to threaten in 2020. How we were “walking with God” daily, and how we were living out our faith, was exposed by how we responded in 2020.

You see. I wrote the letters to the pastors. I begged them to not close the doors. I told them that the homeless who I had been ministering to wanted to go, wanted to gather. The homeless were not afraid! I went to multiple people. I refused to stay home and wait. I went to them. I told them the will of God for the Church. I went to various churches. I said I would address the elders. I said DO NOT CLOSE YOUR DOOR! … BUT THEY WOULD NOT “HEAR”, and I bore the burden, and I prayed to the God who knew the truth. I prayed to the God who wrote Psalm 91. I trusted my God who is trustworthy. But my heart broke when I was rejected by the people. I was rejected by the leaders and pastors. I was disallowed to enter the property any longer, to minister to those who I had ministered to for three years, who were homeless. I could not even go and tell them that I had not abandoned them! Why was I rejected and disallowed? ONE REASON: I knew the heart of God, and so I spoke the heart of God….but they would not “hear”

Therefore, this is a lament.

Lastly, know this: if you are willing to stand for the truth, the whole truth. God WILL honor you and He will give you his joy, peace, comfort, hope, and security. And you will have power and authority, in Jesus’ name. BUT if you shrink back in fear. If you are not willing to choose God over man, even over fear (if He has taught you to trust Him already) then you will lose discernment, and knowledge, and peace, and security…and rest. Remember: the LORD honors those who honor Him. Also, when we are afraid and we do not have the answer, simply admit it to people. Admit it to God and do not hide it from others. Why? Because God can work with our humility and insecurities. If we are honest, He can work with that. However, FEAR PRIDE!!! more than death itself. For pride will only harm, and wound, and afflict you. But humility is a gift which God rewards!

This is the weight of the Prophet in this hour. But I have not borne it alone. It is a burden and a blessing!

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