A Separation is Coming!…

A Prophecy: Though we desire unity, a separation is coming. A separation between the holy and the common. In the Old Testament, the Priests were holy, set-apart from the others. Everything which happened in the Temple was holy, all their clothing and acts were holy. Nothing common was allowed there. The Lord has been calling His children, who according to Peter, in the New Testament, are a “Kingdom of Priests” to separate. We, the children of God, are holy through the blood of Jesus. When a child of God reconciles themselves to this identity, they will come out from the world and live according to their identity. There can be no true fellowship between the holy and the common. The Lord is calling a great separation from the common now. The chasm will grow wider and wider between what is holy and what is common. A study of the priesthood of the Old Testament will show the true gift of being a priest. One who “meets with God” in intimacy, in intercession, in consecration. And one who knows God!

So, soon we will see what is hiding in the hearts of mankind. We will see the animosity and the division revealed clearly. The secrets of the heart will come to surface. Families and loved ones will go separate ways. Yes, it is foreshadowed, it is coming to pass now, it has begun. We must take our stand for truth and righteousness in the land, as children of God. We must decide today who we will serve: The LORD, or Caesar. We must solidify our walk with Jesus. We must decide, or it will be decided for us. So, choose this day who you will serve.

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