This Post is a Link to a Message from Dr. Tony Evans on “Headship in the Family, and Headship in the Church”

I am posting this link here below in order that any Christian who is interested in digging into the background of verses in the New Testament which surround the issues of “headship between a man and a woman. Why women are told not to pastor men. Why God cares about “order” in the Church and in the Christian household, etc.” Some will have no interest in listening. But due to the hour we are in and the confusion within the family, the Body-of -Christ, and the influence of feminism in America upon the Church it is helpful to listen to this podcast from Dr. Tony Evans. Maybe we will all in the Body-of-Christ get on the same page, eventually.

Well, I discovered that you would have to search for the message by going to, typing in Tony Evans, and clicking on the message for Oct. 19, on “Spiritual Covering and Spiritual Authority”. Sorry, I guess if you care enough or are interested enough then you will take the time.


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