Why Do They Despise Prophets?

Today I was verbally attacked by a man who I have been helping and meeting with weekly for the last two years. He got in my car and began to attack my ministry, my calling, my views, and tear me down, swearing and criticizing me, from the start. This is not the first time he has done this, nor is he the first one to attack me. The thing is, whenever people have verbally attacked me, they have always attacked those vulnerable, sensitive points in me, my “calling and ministry.” I have devoted my life to proclaiming the Truth. The whole truth. God made me passionate about the truth beginning at age 17. And when someone is hiding from, avoiding, or fearful of the truth, or feeling confused, conflicted, or convicted by the truth, then they are uncomfortable around me. Or they try to find things to dismiss the truth in me.

So, I’m just feeling frustrated and venting here. And I’m just processing what happened and praying about it. Whenever I have been called names or told I’m crazy for believing the things I do, or for doing this ministry here, I have a good talk with God and my wife. I ask questions and sort through my history and the process which led to my call and ministry and allow God to correct me anywhere I may need it. I trust He would let me know if I was wrong about my gift and call and what I am to do with it.


So then, here is. My question or issue is, that if I have not been called as a prophet (yes, prophet), meaning a “truth teller, truth revealer, truth pointer, truth reminder,” in these last days, and end times, for the sake of the saints, the Body-of-Christ in a warning, proclaiming, encouraging, and exhorting way, then I do not know what else to call it! Do I go around proclaiming “I’m a prophet, listen to me” shouting with a bull horn? No. Do I “yell” it at anyone? No. Do I have visions and dreams? Only one time. Do I “brag and boast about it”? Absolutely not! Do I go around and say, “God told me this”? Only a few times. I just experience a deep inner witness, and a quietness during my prayer time which confirms the Word of the LORD from scripture. I talk with God as my friend. My Father and I are best friends and He shares His heart and burden with me for His children, the Church. Yes, I asked Him to give me this. And I believed He would answer this desire: That He would, “break my heart for what breaks His and rejoice my heart with what rejoices His.” Am I thankful for this gift and call? Yes. But is it also a heavy burden and grieving at times? Yes. It is like a double-edged sword. I do not get visions and dreams, but I see things from far away coming nearer. I “watch and listen” while I pray, and I love the truth (the Word of God) and weigh all things by it.

The scriptures say Jesus gave the “apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, shepherds, to equip the saints.” It also says there are gifts of the Holy Spirit which are for building up the Body-of-Christ. Though it is true the whole Body-of-Christ has the Holy Spirit and is capable of hearing God speak to them. Therefore, the issue is simply a matter of us “hearing” well. I do not know what sets apart an individual as a “Prophet” to minister to the Church and to alert it to what’s ahead, or as a “wake up call.” All I know is this is what I am burdened for and what comes out of me as I seek the Lord. So, I am not saying I am a “lone Prophet” or a “holier person.” I am saying I seek the Lord and I speak for the Lord, as He puts it in me to speak. And it is in a collective, body-of-Christ fashion, for the American Church.

So, when I am “attacked” for my calling, and this “prophetic” ministry here, aletheia-truth.com, it always hurts, it always comes out of nowhere. It is sudden, overwhelming, and makes no sense. And I realize once again that Satan hates Prophets (my wife helped me see this just now). But why? Because he hates the TRUTH. And the ministry of a Prophet has always been about the truth no matter what it cost them. Honestly, I cannot help it. It burns inside me with a fire which must come out. It may be convicting, or it may be assuring and comforting. It depends. But it is always backed up by the Word of God and prayer. Along with confirmation from other Prophets and Preachers throughout the world.

So why am I sharing this? Because it has been an agenda of mine to help remove the “stigma” of a Prophet in our times. Because there are MANY false prophets. And MANY who abuse the gift/call of a prophet, as we all know!!! It also sickens me to see and hear so called Prophets only in charismatic, extreme, loud, wealthy, boisterous, self-exalting, and very confusing and conflicting environments. No wonder it has a bad name and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Anyway, I am just me. A normal man who struggles with life. But I live for God’s presence. I live to pray and be in the Word. I love walking with God daily. There is no greater joy!!! Next to that, I love to be with my wife and daughter every day. My life is simple. But I am INCREDIBLY blessed by God!

Thanks for listening to me share today

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