Can I Just Share My Heart For A Minute??

I am not perfect. I am not “holier than thou”. I am just me. I screw up. I get on peoples nerves. I sin. I struggle. I am a normal human being. I have lived a very difficult life, which God has chosen to use to help form me into a vessel for His glory. My life has not been NEAR as difficult as many, and it has been more difficult than many. However, God used my struggles because I transferred them into His care and then it changed. All I did was transfer the responsibility of everything. What does everything mean literally. It means, body, soul, and Spirit. It means food, drink, hobbies, family, work, health, waking, sleeping, moving, walking, etc. That is all I did. HE DID THE REST. What did I get in return? ALL OF HIM. Everything. His heart, His mind, His goals, His loves, His pleasure, His sorrow, His grief, His joy, His peace…HIS PRESENCE IN EVERYTHING! You can say, “yah right!” That’s fine. In all this He also gave me a gift and a ministry. You see, I am a Prophet. Doesn’t that sound so odd to tell someone. Well back in the Bible times it was not odd to know and to make it know that you were a Prophet of God. It is ONLY because that word has BEEN ABUSED so incredibly much that it sickens both me and you, I am guessing. What I can say is it is a burden. It is frustrating. It is very difficult to have people reject you and scoff at you and hate you because you tell them the heart of God. All I know is there is some very deep fire in me that comes out of me as I spend time in God’s presence and it is an invisible force which has power and authority and conviction and is solid but not. Its there but its not. It is present but future. It is outside of time. It has weight to it but it doesn’t. I don’t know except it is very very sure, fixed, absolute…and rests on the Word of God…NEVER contradicts God’s original, all inspired authority called the Bible. Well, I am just sharing this because I do want people to understand where I am coming from in my posts. I am not here to debate politically. I am not interested in Politics. I am only interested in that which influences the Church. The Body and Bride of Christ. That is my burden. Of course the Salvation of souls. But my call and burden is to the children of God, and specifically the big picture “Body-of-Christ” and that She is walking side by side with Her Lord and Savior to the glory of the Father. Amen

Thanks for hearing my story and heart and burden. And please be patient. Sometimes the fire which comes out is intense and is certainly not intended for all. IF the Holy Spirit uses it to address something in your life, then awesome. If He uses it to affirm your faith, awesome. If it has nothing to do with you, then that is fine. God knows where things need to go. I just do my part, along with all the rest of the parts of the Body-of-Christ which God is working through. Hopefully you are letting Him work through you?

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